General Services

Cosmetic Dentistry

Our approach to cosmetic dentistry is to create the utmost natural look of a healthy and strong set of teeth. We take the time to meet with the patient to discuss the various aspects of their teeth and smile. Things like color, shape and form are the essential starting points for correctly aligning the client’s desires and needs.

We encourage new dentists to try their next patient with us. We find that the number one reason dentists change from their previous lab to Synergy Dental Ceramics is the inconsistencies and technical problems with their prior lab. You can feel confident with your switch to Synergy Dental because our remake percentage is less than 2%.

Why Choose Synergy Dental?

  • We save dentists chair time.
  • We house the latest in dental lab equipment.
  • We accomodate patients in our lab as-well-as your office.
  • Our remake percentage is less than 2%

Implant Dentistry

Our implant specialists work to achieve all that is possible with implant procedures. Our approach remains consistent with every client and we work to achieve a high quality, natural look on each implant.

We work with all types of implant companies and restorations. We handle screw retains, cement retains or a combination of both.

Some of the implant companies we provide services for are:

  • Nobel Biocare
  • 3I
  • Straumann
  • Bio Horizon
  • Neoss

We do in-house digital scanning with the Nobel Optical Scanner.

Crown & Bridge Dentistry

From old conventional gold crown/inlay to high-end esthetic PFG (Porcelain-Fused-to-Gold), Synergy Dental Ceramics works with all types of crown and bridge work.

As much as Crown & Bridge is filing out of our industry with high demand in aesthetic & cosmetic, we at Synergy Dental Ceramics are capable of fabricating Crown & Bridge restorations to meet every patient’s aesthetic specifications.

Smile Makeover

Synergy Dental Ceramics has extensive experience with the more intensive procedures surrounding complete smile makeovers. In addition to ensuring proper fit, we take the time to meet the client and discuss things such as color, shape and form.

Synergy Dental Ceramics’ Founder & President, Mr. Roberto Rossi has assisted in several smile makeovers. In fact, the smile makeover seems to be a big part of the every day work at Synergy Dental Lab.

A smile makeover consists of a full mouth rehabilitation from a dentureless patient to a patient not satisfied with the color or shape of their teeth.